Retired Rochester Police captain pleads guilty to killing his son

Michael Leach

A retired Rochester Police captain pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in court Wednesday in the death of his son back in 2012, according to our sister station WHAM.

Michael Leach was accused of intentionally shooting and killing his son, Matthew Leach, 38, inside a motel room the two were sharing during a vacation in Old Forge.

At the time Leach said he thought he shot an intruder.

When he is sentenced in August, Leach faces a six month sentence, 5 years probation, restitution to cover funeral expenses and must receive treatment for his psychiatric illnesses.

In court Wednesday it was revealed Leach was having reoccurring nightmares, specifically about a figure entering his home all in black.

Both the prosecution and defense doctors evaluated Leach and found that he had a nightmare the night he killed his son.