Reward money increases in Manlius swan egg destruction

The village of Manlius now has verbal commitments of $13,350 dollars in possible reward money leading to the arrest and conviction of

those responsible for the swan egg destruction


All of those who are donating say that if the money can not be used as a reward, they would like the money to be used for security in and around the pond area.

The village is overwhelmed by the outpouring and although it has not collected the money yet, does look forward to seeing an arrest, or at the very least upgrades to security.

Eight eggs were destroyed over the weekend. Manlius Mayor Mark-Paul Serafin said he is "outraged" by what happened, pointing out that the eight eggs in the swan pond were set to hatch in the next few weeks.

Seven of the eggs were destroyed overnight.

Late Sunday afternoon, Serafin confirmed the embryo in an eighth egg, found intact near the swan pond, did not make it.

He said some of the eggs were found smashed on the side walk. Others were found smashed on the wall near a bar.

The Dazzle Store just down the street from the swan pond is now selling "Save Our Swans" t-shirts and hats. Greg Ross said the staff were outraged when they heard about the egg destruction and wanted to do something to help. The shirts and hats are being sold for $15 with all the money going to the reward for information in the case.

"I think sometimes people take the swans for granted. They forget they're there and this has reminded people, they are a local treasure and we should be out there supporting them," said Ross.

Ross said that the Dazzle Store will continue to sell the shirts and hats if the reward money is claimed. 100% of the money from the shirts and hats will then go to efforts to keep the swans safe.

"It's nice to see the community, with all the differences we have day to day, all rally around one thing - and what would be better than beautiful animals like swans," said Ross.