Rewarding Eastwood homeowners for "Curb Appeal" and being a good neighbor

Does your home have curb appeal?

Neighbors living in the Eastwood section of Syracuse will be recognized for preserving their properties, or significantly improving a previously neglected parcel.

It's all part of a new initiative from the Mayor's Office and the Eastwood Neighborhood Association.

The Curb Appeal Program aims to reward homeowners who have gone above and beyond in maintaining their homes and properties. It praises those who take pride in their neighborhoods. The effort doesn't have to be grandiose.

"Do you pick up the garbage, mow the lawn, plant flowers?" asks Eastwood Neighborhood Association Aaron Wood. "All those things that add up, and mean someone cares about their property and their neighborhood."

All are little touches that can paint a bigger picture of what it takes to be a good neighbor.

The program works like this: Next week, ENA committee members will be on the lookout for that "Wow Factor." You can look for it as well; your feedback is welcome on the Eastwood Neighborhood Association's website.

In all, 20 people will be nominated. Those homeowners will be notified by mail, and receive a sign to be posted in their yards for all to see.

"It may be a mix of landscaping, or property maintenance, a fixed up porch or a swept up porch," says Wood. "We've all driven down that neighborhood street, maybe some of us today, and looked at a property and said, wow, that guy's doing a really good job."

On September 17, the Neighborhood Association will vote on a winner from the bunch of candidates.

The winner will receive a $500 gift certificate to an Eastwood business, The Home Builders and

Remodelers of CNY.

"I am always pleased to see people who care so deeply about preserving a high quality of life in our neighborhoods," Mayor Stephanie Miner said in a press release. She says groups like the Eastwood Neighborhood Association are the backbone of our city.

"They keep homeowners engaged, focused on maintaining their properties, and create a culture of pride in our communities," she says. The Mayor says it's important hard work be recognized.