Road rage concerns in Onondaga County

Aggressive driving can start with simple tailgating or expressions of frustration with a slower driver, but Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh says little annoyances can escalate quickly - and he's seeing more of it.

"I think society has become less courteous than it used to be and I think people have much shorter fuses than they did before and that may be brought on by a number of factors," said Walsh.

Police aren't the only ones seeing more road rage. Susan Brennan brought her grandson to Onondaga Lake Park on Monday night and says she's been seeing more aggressive drivers on the New York State Thruway. Brennan was upset after hearing that police said road rage may have played a role in a deadly crash on the Onondaga Lake Parkway.

"An innocent person just driving along, maybe doing the speed limit, just looking for the entrance to the park perhaps," said Brennan. "It's too bad. I feel terrible."

Other parents worried about how common stories of road rage have become and hoped something could be done about it.

"I've seen people actually get out of their cars if they're stopped at a stoplight. they'll get out of their car and go up to the other car - that's definitely scary," said Kristin Randall.

Sheriff Walsh says the best thing to do is stay away from aggressive drivers and not react to them.

"Try to avoid the other driver, to get off the road if that's what it takes to turn and go somewhere else," said Walsh.

Sheriff Walsh thinks there is more aggressive driving on the roads but he also thinks recent efforts to crackdown on it have shown signs of success.