Road Rage: how to protect yourself

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Department says Monday's fatal crash on the parkway could have been caused by a case of road rage.

Michael Johnson from Branch TMs Driving School in Syracuse says aggressive driving seems to be increasing.

Back ten years ago, you never really heard about aggressive driving or road rage. I think a lot of the issues are because people are busy, and they TMre always in a hurry, says Johnson.

He TMs offering some advice to help people stay safe if they spot an aggressive driver. First of all, don TMt make eye contact to avoid making a personal connection with the driver. It may also help to follow the rules of the road, make a few turns, and stay in a well-lit area. Don TMt go home immediately. The aggressive driver could follow you.

Novelette Pierce works for Contact Community Services and coordinates anger management programs. She says if you feel yourself starting to get angry, count to ten or take a few deep breaths. If music calms you down, try listening to the radio, and focus on things that make you happy.

You have family, you have friends, you have a job, someone else might be in the car with you, says Pierce. Is it worth getting harmed? Is it worth harming someone else?

The State Department of Motor Vehicles , , and have pages of their websites dedicated to road rage and aggressive driving, including tips on how to identify and deal with aggressive drivers.

The Onondaga County Sheriff TMs Department is still investigating Monday TMs crash. We TMve received more information from the New York State Department of Transportation about the number of accidents on the parkway.

From 1991-2008, there were five fatal accidents on the parkway. Three of those were crossovers, and three involved snow and ice. In this time period, there were 134 reported injuries and 343 accidents total.