Roger Springfield admits videotaping athletes in SU locker rooms, wonâ??t accept entire plea offer

Roger Springfield

Roger Springfield was in Onondaga County Court Thursday morning for a plea hearing on charges that he unlawfully recorded Syracuse University athletes in the menâ??s locker room at the Carrier Dome.

Springfield, who was c
harged with four counts of unlawful surveillance, agreed to plead guilty to one count of unlawful surveillance.

Under the plea deal, Springfield would be sentenced to 10 years of probation and would not have to register as a sex offender.

The prosecution will accept the plea deal if Springfield will register as a sex offender. If Judge Thomas Miller determines that Springfield must register as a sex offender, defense attorney Jim McGraw says he will withdraw Springfieldâ??s plea and take he chances at trial. A judge will make that decision before Springfield's sentencing, which is scheduled for June 6.

Springfieldâ??s attorney says a submission from a psychiatrist indicates that Springfield was not a sexual threat. "Roger Springfield never had, never will, have any interest in sexual behavior with boys, or anyone else other than his wife," says McGraw. (Watch: Interview with the defense attorney)

McGraw says Springfield was motivated to videotape the athletes because of his childhood, but he would not say more than that.

(Watch: Interview with the prosecution)

Springfield is accused of surreptitiously recording Syracuse University athletes in menâ??s locker room at the Carrier Dome dating back to at least 2002-2003. Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said in January the videos were of male athletes on the SU soccer, lacrosse and football teams.

Fitzpatrick said in January investigators uncovered 14 videos, of which only four are pertinent to the case; some fall outside the statue of limitations. Those four tapes were all recorded at the Carrier Dome. Some of the other recordings appear to be filmed out state at road games in Florida, Massachusetts and Ohio.

Fitzpatrick said a video was discovered by an SU Athletics employee who was going through footage from the October 27th football game at South Florida. The employee alerted his or her supervisor and SU Public Safety was alerted.

"At this point there is no evidence that Mr. Springfield disseminated the images for anyone's use other than his own. There is no evidence or any report, or any allegation of any inappropriate sexual contact," said Fitzpatrick in January.

Police searched Springfieldâ??s home in Fayetteville, office at Manley Field House, and the SU media room in mid-December. The case was presented to a grand jury in early January and he was indicted on January 10 and arraigned January 15 on four counts of unlawful surveillance for allegedly video. Springfield pleaded not guilty.

As SU Athletics media director, Springfield put together many of the sports highlights and interviews available on the University's website.

Springfield was a sportscaster for 11 years at WSTM-TV in Syracuse. His legal name is Roger Cahak.

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