Ronald Williams found by investigators, video of reunion with family friend

Ronald Williams reunites with his family.

The Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Department confirms that they have found 9-year-old Ronald Williams, who was reported missing from his home on Valley Road in Salina at about 10:30 Monday night.

Williams was found about a block from his home on Valley Road just after one Tuesday afternoon. Matt Pikarsky, a neighbor who lives about six houses down from Williams, says he happened to be looking out his front window and thought he saw the boy going through the backyard of a neighbor's house. Pikarsky then ran out and was able to find Williams. After checking to make sure the boy was ok, Pikarsky flagged down a nearby Sheriff's Department vehicle.

Pikarsky said he was glad he was able to help, and that he was glad Williams was ok.

Officials say Williams ran away from home after an argument with his parents Monday night.

An Air 1 chopper was used to broadcast a message telling the boy to find the nearest adult.

After being found, Williams was reconciled with his mother.