Roughly 30 people arrested and several injured after party spills into Cortland city street following football game

Cortland County Police Chief Mike Catalano says there was no riot, but a larger-than-average gathering after the Cortaca football game today.

Police say 30 people were arrested and several had minor injuries as SUNY Cortland students took to Clayton Street to celebrate the win over Ithaca College.

Police say several local law enforcement agencies were called in to help contain the excessive celebration.

Charles Disanto was down in Cortland excited for the game. "E



s having a good time the main thing is when cort


ca comes around everyone has a good time -- you know it may get a little reckless in the streets

," says Disanto.

Andrew Burton witnessed some of this excessive partying. "P

eople just started throwing like cans on the police cars and wood


they started throwing wood. People were grilling and throwing grills off the roofs

," says Burton.

Connor Boyle describes what he saw downtown. "People completely covered the streets, all of the side streets were completely filled. Everyone who owned a house was cooking just having a lot of fun, enjoying the festivities and it was a great time," says Boyle.

Mike Catalano is the Chief of Police in Cortland. "Well it got a little more disorderly and disruptive than what we're used to. The parties got very large and loud early and became very disruptive," says Catalano.

Paul Herrmann thinks this behavior is not needed in Cortland. "I don't think that's needed personally some things were obnoxious. Some people just get crazy and carried away. That's what it's turned into it's too many people getting too carried away," says Herrmann.

Cortland police say they are staffed appropriately to deal with any future problems throughout the night. As they expect it to get worse as the night drags on.