Route 11 and 31 in Cicero is one of worst intersections in CNY according to you


ou don't want to live home without patience if you're driving through Cicero and according to you, the worst intersection in the area is where route 31 and 11 meet.

Brandon McGinley has to drive it everyday on his way to work.

"It's boring. You can sit there for 5 minutes or you can sit there 20 minutes," says McGinley.

Cliff Moore has lived in Cicero for 41 years and he says the traffic is worse than ever.

"I live a third of a mile down on Route 11 south and I've seen traffic backed up beyond my house," says Moore.

Traffic at the four-way intersection gets especially snarled during rush hour.

"Everybody's in a hurry. Anytime in the morning when someone is going to work or getting off of work that's when there's going to be more road rage," says Moore.

The road rage was so bad back in 2010, the stretch of road targeted by police for an aggressive driving crackdown after they saw more than 400 crashes in two years.

When it comes to alleviating the congestion, there are many different ideas. Braxton Poole grew up in Cicero.

"Widen the roads. I think that would be better. There's a lot of people here now. We need three lanes," says Poole.

Similar ideas have been tossed around the by the State Department of Transportation according to their spokesman, Gene Cilento.

"There's been talk about maybe replacing the bridge to allow wider lanes or additional lanes under the bridge, but until that project is out and it's several years out there aren't going to be any major improvements out here," says Cilento.

Since there are businesses on both sides of the street, a widening project would require that state to buy up a lot of property. While traffic may be frustrating for drivers, it's good for business.