Running camp for Syracuse kids

Running, jumping, and learning from the best. Thatâ??s what some sixty kids in Syracuse got the chance to do this morning.

Mike Melfi, Director of the Syracuse Parks and Rec. Track, Field, and Cross Country Camp, tells me â??This kind of camp would occur in suburban areas. But the fact that the city of Syracuse supports this, and funds this, and weâ??re able to bring in expert teachers of each specific discipline, such as throws, long jump, is truly amazing.â??

Mike Melfi is an elite runner whoâ??s taking time this week to work one on one with these kids at a special camp. The goal? Teach them about discipline, team work, and having a little fun. He draws on his own childhood experiences to encourage the next generation to stay active.

â??I remember starting in the 5th grade at some sort of cam up here at Henninger, and it kinda got me going as a runner. So it is extremely near and dear to my heart. And to bring this to these kids, in the city, is just what I want to do.â??

Of course there are plenty of concerns about kids getting enough exercise, and itâ??s wonderful to see them out and about at Henninger participating in this campe. For a lot of these kids, itâ??s in their DNA to run.

Olivia Morganti, a 6th grader at the camp says â??Oh yeah, my family, theyâ??re all runners. And my Dad was really competitive, and tried out for the Olympics a couple of times.â??

For kids like Olivia Morganti, itâ??s a summer sheâ??ll never forget. A chance to learn life lessons, and who knows, maybe one day sheâ??ll look back and remember her time with Coach Melfi as she runs track for the US Olympic team.