'Saddest thing in my life'-Midway Drive-In owners trying to cope with destruction of screen in Minetto

The severe storms that made their way through Central New York Tuesday evening caused widespread damage and power outages, and took its toll on several local landmarks.

The Midway Drive-In, in Minetto, saw some of the most severe damage in the area.

Heidi Nagelschmidtâ??s father, John, owns the drive-in. When word of the damage made it to Heidi she drove down and saw â??the saddest thing in my life, it was horrible.â??

â??Itâ??s like the death of an immediate family member, really, but you know itâ??s loved by the community and we know weâ??re not the only ones mourning this historic screenâ??s loss,â?? says John Nagelschmidt, Jr. tells CNY Central photojournalist Lewis Karpel. â??There arenâ??t many screens left in the country that I know of that are wood screens.â??

The community has been showering the Nagelschmidt family with well wishes as word of the devastation spread.

â??I am very, very appreciative of the outpouring from all my friends and from the Facebook community and the community in general and the nation because there are people that have been here from all over the place that are blowing up my phone with comments of love and support and condolences,â?? Heidi says.

â??So many people consider it an extension of their lives,â?? says John Jr. â??They've grown up with it in Oswego County and it's a humbling and very rewarding task to care take for it and we will take care of it in the future. We'll find a way."

John Nagelschmidt senior is not ready to talk about the loss yet. Heidi says he will keep people updated as best as he can through the Midwayâ??s website, or their Facebook page.

The insurance company has been called, but the family is not sure what the policy will cover. In the meantime, Heidi says they have not set up anything official to gather funds.

"That's for my dad to decide. He will figure out what is best for the midway and what is best for our community,â?? she says.