Sales increase at 'lucky' Price Chopper

The Price Chopper at the corner of Erie Boulevard and Midler Avenue in Syracuse has been busy lately with people looking to cash in. Two winning lottery tickets were sold at the store in the past two months.

"Sales definitely increased. Instead of buying one ticket, they'll buy two," says the store's grocery manager Leon Walts. "They'll come in more than once a week. I think it's on a lot of people's minds now. It is possible. It's possible right here on the corner of Erie Boulevard and Midler."

Just last month, three workers at New Process Gear won the Mega Millions jackpot. After taxes, they took home about $3.6 million each.

Now, a retired teacher, Etta Beard, is cashing in on her luck. She won a million dollars on a Mega Millions scratch-off ticket.

Lottery enthusiasts were at Price Chopper Tuesday night. Ramar Tigner plays twice a week. He says he's hoping it's his turn to win big.

"If they won here, I'm going to try my luck too," says Tigner. "Hopefully, I can get some of that good money they're giving away."