Salina considers buying Burdick Chevrolet: What it means for taxpayers

The Town of Salina is considering acquiring the Burdick Chevrolet property on Old Liverpool Road.

Salina Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra tells CNYCentral the Town Board will meet next week to discuss the possibility of purchasing the property and using it as a consolidated facility for its Town Hall and Highway Facility.

The estimated cost of the project would be $5.9 million.

Currently, Nicotra says Town Hall needs rehabilitating, and the Highway Facility needs to be rebuilt.

If the town consolidates the two and moves into the Burdick property instead of rebuilding the Highway Facility and doing rehab work on Town Hall, it would save taxpayers about $2 million, according to Nicotra.

"You have to look at how much its going to cost before you have an opinion," said Virginia Tompson who lives in Liverpool. "Money is tight, and taxes are going up every year so you have to look at that."

Salina is also in talks with the Onondaga County Highway Department, exploring the possibility of having them share some of the facilities with the Town. The county's North Highway Facility is also in need of repairs and is seeking other options for its site.

The town hopes to have the acquisition placed on the November 8 ballot as a public referendum.

"I would be very happy with the Town of Salina if they could save some money. And as a taxpayer, I would like to vote for that," said Kim Marsh.

Roger Burdick's Driver's Village purchased the former Bresee Chevrolet property in the spring of 2011. Burdick Chevrolet will be moving to Driver's Village in Cicero by the end of this year.

The Town Board will hold a public meeting on the issue Monday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m. at 201 School Road in Liverpool. Town leaders are expected to unveil more details then.