Salvation Army brings hope, food to embattled Herkimer County Flood Victims

One week ago today, a rash of destructive floods washed over parts of Central New York, ravaging towns and leaving hundreds homeless and without hope. In the days since, the Salvation Army has been serving those most affected by the flooding in a very tangible way: They are serving meals.

The Salvation Army says they have served 5,914 meals in Herkimer and Oneida counties since last Saturday. They load up trucks at their home base at Herkimer High School, where they have a large, mobile kitchen, and send them into the disaster areas to bring a little hope, a little kindness, but mostly making sure neighbors have the energy to clean up what is left of their homes.

Dave Smithson said the food delivery from the Salvation Army has been an incredible help as he works to reapir the damage flood waters, mud and debris did to his Mohawk home.

"This is tremendous, tremendous people. I never thought that I'd ever need the Salvation Army, Red Cross or any of these people but they are the best," said Smithson.

The Salvation Army says they will continue to serve three meals a day until it is no longer needed, which could be some time considering the amount of damage the floods brought to the region.