Santa Comes Early to Destiny USA

Santa Claus at Destiny USA


e was nestled right in the middle of all the snow globes, trees and antlers for everyone of all ages to give him their Christmas wish.

Dorothy McDonald was lucky enough to one of the first people this season to sit right on Santa's lap while she gave him her only wish. "I told him I hope the kids have a good time. He's so good to them and I don't ask for anything, only good health for all the kids," says McDonald.

Santa Claus himself made his way through the mall and on into the Canyon area of Destiny USA.

Bringing Santa into the mall is Destiny's way of telling everyone it's time to start shopping.

The mall is bringing Santa Claus here a full week earlier than it did last year as it looks to offset a late Thanksgiving by adding an additional 4-5 days onto the holiday shopping season.

With only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, the mall wants to give everyone as many days as possible to pick up a Christmas gift.

Sara Wallace is with Destiny USA's marketing department. "You will see a lot of changes in terms of retail sales, getting the kids involved. Kind of launching that holiday season a little bit early just to get everybody pumped up and in the spirit," says Wallace.

Many shoppers are more than happy to come to the mall earlier in the season while they bring their kids to sit right on Santa's lap.

Jennifer Lott is from Canada and she is always willing to see the Christmas shopping season come as early as it can. "Oh we're just happy to see him come, it's after our Thanksgiving already, we're Canadian. We celebrate early, November first is fair game for Santa," says Lott.

Michael Redhead was at the mall with his daughter while they were waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. "I'm happy Christmas is finally here, this is actually her favorite time of year, so it's nice," says Redhead.

Santa will be able to take a picture with you anytime the mall is open right up until Christmas Eve.