Sarah Palin endorses Anne Marie Buerkle: Maffei responds

Sarah Palin has endorsed Anne Marie Buerkle via her Facebook page. Here is the Facebook post:

I'm proud to endorse an Empire State leader who's running to represent New York's 25th Congressional District. Ann Marie Buerkle is a commonsense constitutional conservative and is willing to put it all on the line to help put our country on the right track. Ann Marie is a registered nurse who went back to college to earn her law degree at age 40, while at the same time serving her community on the Syracuse City Council. Since 1997, Ann Marie has served as an Assistant New York State Attorney General on behalf of Upstate Medical Center. If you want a expert who knows why we need to repeal and replace Obamacare, Ann Marie is that candidate. She is the daughter of hardworking immigrants who knows what makes this country great: our free market work ethic where anyone with a dream and the dedication to work hard for it can achieve success. Being a proud mother of six and grandmother of 11 gives this New York "mama grizzly" a wonderful incentive to work hard to make sure our country remains the same land of opportunity for future generations of Americans. When I visited Central New York last year with my daughter Willow, I remember telling her that there must be something in the water in this region of the country to produce so many strong, independent, historic women leaders. The women's movement in America has its roots in Seneca Falls, New York, and Ann Marie is among today's strong women leaders. Please join me in supporting this dedicated public servant by visiting her website at {<}/note_redirect.php?note_id=407609023434&h=b2e2b1f414abeef4ec380f6a45cdf988&{>} and following her on Facebook {<}/note_redirect.php?note_id=407609023434&h=5e14fd9ef010a6f196cbd51ebaf0b4e7&{>} and Twitter {<}/note_redirect.php?note_id=407609023434&h=ff99df5d48f47c5fc99fa98f32d891ab&{>}. - Sarah Palin Following is the reaction from Congressman Dan Maffei: "I think the fact that Ann Marie Buerkle is throwing in her lot with the Sarah Palin-Tea Party wing of the Republican Party will tell voters here all they need to know about her. Sarah Palin and her Tea Party supporters have a clear idea of where they want to take this country, but I don't think most voters here in central and western New York share that viewpoint. I think voters in this district -- including Republican voters -- want to move away from Sarah Palin-style partisan politics and just focus on coming up with real solutions to the real problems we're facing."