Scammers warn of USPS delivery problems to get you to click to computer virus

Scammers are using U.S. Postal Services and UPS logos in e-mails to try and trick people into downloading computer viruses.

The viruses can steal your credit card number and other personal information. The e-mails often say that UPS or the Post Office has been unable to deliver your package and asks you to click on a link for more information. If you click on the link, a virus is downloaded to your computer. The scam is much more prevalent during the holiday shopping season.

"Most of the time people are just clicking on this thinking, I am expecting a package. I might as well click on this. And that's exactly how these viruses work," said Anthony Parente from Dart Computer Solutions.

Computer repair experts say you should be careful before clicking on a link in any e-mail from someone you don't know. Also, the Post Office does not contact people by e-mail when there is a problem delivering a package.

Many e-mail scams originate outside of the United States. Ryan Bitter from Dart Computer Solutions says blatant spelling and grammar mistakes can also be a sign that an e-mail is not legitimate.

Computer repair experts say good anti-virus software can protect from a lot of viruses but people still need to use common sense and be aware that scammers are using new tactics.

"Even the best anti-virus isn't going to protect you 100%. Common sense is what's really going to get you ahead of everyone else and not have your identity stolen," said Bitter.