Scanning technology flashes its way to Empire Brewing Company

Empire Brewing Company lets their customers scan their checks instead of using a card.

We've all been in a crowded restaurant waiting for the bill. When it finally arrives we can't wait to pay it and leave, but sometimes service isn't as quick as we'd like. Empire Brewing Company is using a different method, allowing you to pay for your meals right at the table.

James Buttino is the president of Systems East. Two years ago they created the online site, "Xpress-pay." This technology isn't new to Syracuse, as consumers can already pay their water bills and parking tickets with this system. Empire Brewing Company is the first restaurant to use this feature for their customers while paying less than half a percent on each transaction to have this availability.

You can use this feature by scanning the bar code located on the table with your smartphone's quick response app. This locates your phone to Empire Brewing Company and asks you to insert your credit or debit card information.

Just like shopping online, once you enter your information you can save it for future uses anywhere where "Xpress-pay" is used. With "Xpress-pay," you have to enter the numbers on the back of your card in order to sign in.

The question that comes to the minds of many is the safety of this new feature. Chris Garrett was eating at the brew pub this afternoon and has no issues with this time saving technology. "As soon as you pull your card out of your wallet, you're losing a degree of security. Someone could read the numbers and potentially get your information on file," says Garrett. "Your card never leaves your wallet, it's gotta be more secure."

Greg Schmidt was grabbing a drink wit his friends at the brew pub. "If you use your laptop (or) tablet, anything like that to pay for something online, then you should feel just as comfortable using your phone," says Schmidt.

"Even if you're not in a hurry you want to move on and you want to get out of the restaurant, so there's a benefit there and there are benefits for all participants," says Buttino.

Amanda Spear works at Empire Brewing Company as a waitress and house supervisor. "It's definitely growing in popularity, at first people were a little bit hesitant, but once they have all their information entered it's really easy and fast to do," says Spear.