School shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio

A teenager described as a bullied outcast at his suburban Cleveland high school opened fire in the cafeteria Monday morning, killing one student and wounding four others before being caught a short distance away, authorities said.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was arrested near his car a half-mile away, the FBI said. He was not immediately charged.

A spokeswoman for the Cleveland Clinic says two students were taken to the clinic's Hillcrest Hospital in suburban Cleveland.

A spokeswoman for the Cleveland MetroHealth System says an additional three students were taken to the Cleveland hospital.

There was no word on the extent of injuries of the four surviving students.

A student who witnessed the attack from just a few feet away said it appeared the gunman was targeting a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table and that the one who was killed was trying to duck under the table.

Heather Ziska says she was in the Chardon High School outside cafeteria Monday at about 7:30 a.m. when she and other students began hearing popping noises in a nearby hallway.

The 17-year-old junior says she then saw a boy with a gun who she recognized as a fellow student come into the cafeteria and start shooting. She says she and several others immediately ran outside, while other friends ran into a middle school

and others locked themselves in a teachers' lounge.

Another student, senior Jonathan Sylak, was near the cafeteria when he heard loud popping noises followed by people screaming and beginning to run.

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J-me Here: I'm thankful for the staff at my children's school.However they are still only in an elementary school. I'm sure I'll be much more worried when they arrive into middle/high school...Times sure have changed since my time in school.Back then the worry was mostly teen pregnancy...No matter how many guards and metal detectors the schools have guns will still get in. I think gun laws need to be MUCH stiffer!...I remember the Columbine shooting and was devastated.Unfortunately these school shootings are happening more and more.This is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with before it happens again!

Alec Rider: A lot of thing possess kids to commit this sort of atrocity. The other kids and teachers are high up on the list, before we talk about gun control we should be talking about bullying in school. Take the head off of the snake.

Michael Carbonaro: I'll tell you what worries me... the policies that allow troubled/ bully kids to remain in a school... There should be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bully's in schools... Kids who verbally abuse, slap, hit, punch, kick other kids should be kicked out school... being a kid is tough enough without some other kid making your life a living hell through school... Parents should be alerted when kids are beaten up in school... If a child wants to behave like a adult then they should be treated as such..

Laura Muckey Bates: As a mother of a child who was bullied for many years, i have had good and bad experiences with the schools as far as enforcing the bullying rules. The schools can only do so much to stop kids behaviors and enforce it. Good behavior and rules are taught at home and unfortunately, alot of these kids who bring guns to school, do not have parental supervision at home. It's very sad and I'm so glad that my kids are almost done with school. I worry about something happening at our school every day~