Schumer says DeWitt PPC plant workers will keep their jobs

Workers at a DeWitt manufacturing will keep their jobs now that the facility has been sold.

Senator Charles Schumer says he has personally secured a commitment from Belden Inc. CEO John Stroup to keep all 774 employees at Production Products Company (PPC) in Central New York.

"As soon as I heard Belden was acquiring the Town of Dewitt's PPC, I wanted to be sure that these employees would continue to produce top-of-the-line cable and telephone parts right here in Central New York, and foster the growth of Belden's cable manufacturing business for years to come
," Schumer said. "PPC is a proud New York company and I am pleased that they will remain a vital part of our corporate community into the future."

Belden bought PPC for $515 million in a deal made public on December 11. The company manufactures components for the cable and telephone industry.

Belden manufacture
s wire, cable, and cord products that serves four primary markets: computers, audio/visual, industrial, and electrical.