Schumer wants action taken on mandate for rear view cameras in cars

Senator Schumer is trying to expedite actions that would require every new vehicle to have a rear-view camera in order to help drivers when it comes time to backup.

Many cars already have these rear-view cameras installed, but until this law goes into effect there is not a requirement for car companies to install them. Senator Schumer says more that 17,000 adults and children are hurt every year in "back over" crashes that could be avoided with these cameras.

"You can't see that child and everyday kids are injured and all too often kids are killed, so I know families, I know families where a grandmother killed her 16 month old, kids just run out you don't know they're there," says Schumer.

The requirement is set to take effect for new cars in 2015. Initially it was supposed to take effect in 2011, but government agencies including the DOT have since delayed it multiple times.