Schuyler County murder suspect has family ties to victim

Authorities say an upstate New York woman charged with killing a man last week is the mother of the victim's child.

Schuyler County Sheriff Bill Yessman said Wednesday that 39-year-old Alice Trappler of Addison has an infant daughter with Daniel Bennett, who was fatally shot inside his Finger Lakes home last Thursday.

Trappler and 25-year-old Nathan Hand of Corning are charged with second-degree murder in the killing. Both are jailed without bail.

Police say 32-year-old Thomas Borden of Corning was being sought in connection with the slaying when he committed suicide Monday by jumping in front of a train outside Philadelphia.

Borden was Trappler's ex-husband and Hand's stepbrother. Police believe Borden shot Bennett with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Police aren't commenting on a possible motive.