Scott Shafer hired to pick up where Doug Marrone left off

When former SU Head Coach Doug Marrone hired Scott Shafer as his defensive coordinator back in 2009, he was impressed with their shared mutual respect for the game and for the culture they were hoping to instill. That culture will

live on in Shafer who will be named SU Football's new head coach.

Marrone, who was named the Buffalo Bills new head coach on Monday, spoke highly of Shafer when he introduced him to the media four years ago, acknowledging that they were both cut from the same cloth, so to speak.

"Someone that's had experience," Marrone said of Shafer back in 2009, "someone that has the same background as myself, someone that's worked his way up through the coaching profession, someone that's basically earned everything that he has received."

Dan Conley worked under Marrone for three years as linebackers coach, obviously working very closely with the defensive coordinator, and says Shafer is the right man for the job.

"He is a Syracuse guy, Shafer has put his time in here, he made a commitment to Syracuse four years ago. He's done nothing but succeed on and off the field."

Conley says promoting Shafer to head coach should not only help save the incoming recruiting class, along with

the continuity of the staff and team

, Shafer's recruiting methods should also bode well for future classes as the Orange enter into the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"Shafer can go anywhere in the country and recruit any kid, no matter what tax bracket they happen to be in. He understands these 18 year old kids more than anyone I've ever met, and they respond to him."

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