Screen time: Parents are ignoring their kids in favor of phones, researcher says

Are parents spending too much time on their phones, and missing precious time with their kids? NPR recently spoke to a pediatrician who says that kids arenâ??t the only ones to blame when it comes to spending too much time in front of a screen.

Dr. Jenny Radesky observed parents and their kids and found that in most cases, parents were more enamored with their cell phones or tablets then their kids. In some cases, Dr. Radesky said the children were trying their hardest to get their parentâ??s attention, but to no avail.

The mistake, according to Dr. Radesky, is that face-to-face interactions are the main way children learn.

The kids whose parents were most absorbed in their devices, were also more likely to act out, according to NPR.

What do you think about this study? Are parents too absorbed in their devices, jobs, etc. and are their kids suffering because of it?

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