Scriba bucks the trend, cuts taxes

People living in the town of Scriba are getting a break. Taxes are actually going down!

"It makes the new year a little better. Always hear about taxes going up, never coming down," said Alice Davis. "I think it will be good for everyone."

The town says taxes for 2012 are being cut by nearly 50% from the 2011 totals. That means the average homeowner with a property assess at $100,000 will pay about $67 dollars this year, instead of $125 last years.

Town Supervisor Ken Burdick says one of the big reasons for the tax decrease is the new deal with Constellation Energy, which owns Nine Mile Point Units 1 & 2. The town is getting extra revenue from the deal. "Our negotiations with Constellation over Units 1 and 2 were hard," Burdick says, "but beneficial to the town's taxpayers."

The new contracts, combined with smart financial planning, consolidation and cooperation from town departments added up to nearly half a million dollars in savings.

"We just decided with everyone else struggling, to take this extra money and give it back to the taxpayer," said Burdick.

Burdick says the town board also deserves credit for sound fiscal practices. He says the board members were willing to cut expenses.

Taxpayers we spoke with today say they're happy to hear the news. They say it makes 2012 even better.

"I've never heard of taxes going down! Usually everything goes up. I think it's great for the businesses, for the homeowners, for the economy, more money for everyone to spend," said Rebecca Swenszkowski.

"I think it's wonderful," said Leonard Davis, Co-Owner of Scriba Meats. "It's great as a small business owner, it's going to boost the economy. And Oswego (county) just like every place in the nation really needs it."

The 2012 budget in Scriba totals about $3.5 million. The Town Supervisor says he is hoping to cut taxes again in the 2013.