Search for Heidi Allen: Investigators to comb one square-mile area in Mexico

Heidi Allen

The search for Heidi Allen continues, as teams are expected to search a one square-mile wooded area in Oswego County, not far from the Rice Road site.

Property owners in the area are being asked for permission for officers to search through woods on their properties. Kevin Bowman, who lives on Rice Road, said that he gave permission for investigators to gain access to the woods through his driveway.

Bowman expects that it will be a difficult search, and says the area is swampy, with a lot of growth. Mostly, he is glad he could help. "People just want the truth," Bowman says.

He and other neighbors are wondering what has prompted this new search.

The search is set for Thursday and will cover an area in the town of Mexico that is south of Rice Road, east of Route 11, west of Bangall Road and north of Route 69 and Red Mill Road.

An exhaustive search of a site in the woods off Rice Road in Mexico last month was fruitless, as investigators found no sign of human remains at an old cabin. A cadaver dog was used in the search, to make sure that no clue was missed.

We reached out to the Oswego County District Attorneyâ??s office to find out why the search is being renewed in the Rice Road area. We had not heard back from them at the time of this posting.

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