Search on for sculpture stolen from Mexico Point Park

This statue of a Mohawk Chief is missing from Mexico Point Park

At Mexico Point Park, they're asking anyone who can help track down a stolen statue to get in touch with State Police.

The sculpture, of Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant, was taken from the park in the early hours of Saturday, July 7th. The work, sculpted by Ken Richards, seen in the picture, has local significance: Joseph Brant camped on an island in the park during the revolutionary war, according to park caretaker Sandra Scott.

Joseph Brant's sculptor, Kenvyn Richards, and painter, Becky Woods, were disappointed that their hard work was stolen from the park, and themselves.

"I'm pretty sad, pretty sad," Richards said. "I hope they can find it."

Becky Woods added, "I think it's sad, all the time that's put into the sculptures, I think it leaves a big gap at the park."

Scott tells us she's now considering more security for remaining artwork in the park, including possibly gps chipping the four major pieces remaining, something the makers of the sculptures agree on.

"I think that would help," Woods says. "Or some kind of security system, a light or maybe a camera in the park might help.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to contact State Police at 298-1444.