Search to find Autumn a loving home begins

The Stevens Swan Humane Society announced Tuesday Autumn is ready to be adopted into a loving home.

The 2 to 4 year old boxer mix has been at the humane society since early September when was found nearly 40 pounds underweight in Utica. The humane society says Autumn still needs to gain another 5 to 10 pounds after she has found her forever home.

The Stevens Swan Humane Society says the best candidate to adopt Autumn would be a couple with no children and no other pets. However, the shelter is open to accepting all applications and has started reviewing them already.

The shelter says if a family has other pets, they will need to meet Autumn first and have all their shots in order.

The people who have been caring for Autumn during the last several weeks say they'll be sad to see her go, but they know she will be in a much better place when she finds a loving family.

John Treen is with the Stevens Swan Humane Society. "I mean it's always heartbreaking when you see these guys come in and see home terrible people treat them. Autumn is not the first case and unfortunately, Autumn will not be the last case that we see," says Treen. "These guys, they wanna just eat, eat, eat, eat and you can't just throw a bunch of food in a bowl and do that. We came into cases where she had bones in her stomach, thank God they all passed. There are a lot of variables with a starved animals that can't just like I said throw food at them."

After looking after her for several weeks, he will happy to see her find her forever home. "It's always great to see these guys get a home. It breaks my heart to see any of them here. Especially dogs who have been treated like that. But any animal it breaks your heart to see them have to come into a shelter. We take the best care of these animals that we can, but it's still not a great environment for these guys to be in," says Treen.

If you're interested in adopting Autumn, you may visit her at the Humane Society on Horatio Road and fill out an application. The facility always accepts donations to help its nurse its rescue animals back to health. Right now the Stevens Swan is asking for dog toys and rawhides. It says having chew toys helps mentally stimulate the dogs as they wait to be adopted.

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