Seasonal businesses dealing with late-season snow

Snow was falling on Tuesday at Chuck Hafner's Farmers Market & Garden Center.

On Tuesday afternoon at Chuck Hafner's Farmer's Market and Garden Center, business is slow as customers seem driven away by the late-season snowfall.

"Today's slow," said owner Chuck Hafner. "Today's a really slow day. After you get a few nice days, people get psyched. But then they see this type of weather, and they just don't think of gardening."

But a lull in business this week could signal a boom in business later this week as the temperature rises.

"What we've seen in the past is that the longer the winter and the harsher the winter, a lot of times the more people are enthused to get out and get going in the spring," said Hafner. "They've got cabin fever. You know, they've been in too long. They want to get outside."

Nearby, the weather is also affecting Cannon Pools, eager to continue pool installations for the season.

"Typically, we start pool construction at the very end of March and the first week in April," said Cannon Pools President Cliff Mazman. "And this year, we're going to be a couple weeks late in starting. And, in order to stay on our schedule and honor our commitments, we'll just have a lot of guys working overtime and weekends."

The snow, however, seems to make customers even more eager to prepare their pools for summer.

"We actually opened 16 pools today," said Malzman. "People are sick and tired of winter, and one way they believe it's spring is when they see their pool open."