Secretary of Veteran's Affairs Eric Shinseki resigns amid VA hospital scandal

Secretary of Veteranâ??s Affairs Eric Shinseki has resigned amid a nationwide review of VA hospitals.

The review came in light of reports of at least 40 veteran deaths while they were waiting for care at the Phoenix VA health care system.

The Syracuse VA was part of the review.

President Obama said that the review showed problems in VA hospitals across the country, and that our veterans deserved better.

Shinseki handled the discipline, including many firings, of the people involved in the issues, and then tendered his own resignation.

Syracuse VA Medical Center Director James Cody says Friday's resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki will not deter the Syracuse VA from carrying out its mission of providing the best care they can to veterans.

Cody says the Syracuse VA Medical Center has already been investigated and cleared and is not involved in the current wait time scandal at taking place at other VA Medical Centers across the country.

Cody also offered his support for Shinseki. "My personal feeling is that he is a good man. We worked very well together but it's not my decision as to what was done," he says.