Security stepped up at Port of Oswego

Beginning this week, it will be much more difficult to enter the grounds of the Oswego Port Authority. To comply with new rules from the Department of Homeland Security, the port is requiring everyone with access to ships and cargo to show a TWIC card.

TWIC stands for "Transportation Worker Identification Credential". Truck drivers, dock workers, mariners and employees must submit personal information and undergo a criminal background check to obtain the ID card. It features the worker's photograph and fingerprint along with a magnetic strip that gain access to secure areas of the port.

In addition to TWIC cards, the Port of Oswego is beefing up security with new fencing and gates at its entrances. Authority Executive Director Jonathan Daniels says when a ship is docked at the port, guards will be stationed at entrances to the facilities and a "restricted" area will be set up near the vessel. No one can enter the grounds without clearance and must be escorted at all times.