See inside this storm chaserâ??s homemade vehicle and how he gets inside tornados

Peter Hall with Sean Casey

Have you ever watched The Discovery Channel show "Stormchasers"? Have you ever seen the movie "Twister "?

Then you know that tornados are violent but also fickle and tough to track down and forecast.

IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey spent the last 8 years of his life devoted to getting the right shots for the film that he directed called "Tornado Alley".

In Syracuse, we are lucky enough to have had him on air this morning on Today in Central New York for this interview which you can click on above. He tells us how his homemade "

Tornado Intercept Vehicle

", also known as the "


" can withstand tornadic winds. He letâ??s us know some funny tidbits about life on the road, "when nature calls." Plus, Sean letâ??s us know what his next project will be.

You can also meet storm chaser
Sean Casey and the "TIV" at the M.O.S.T. in downtown Syracuse. For more information, go to the MOST website here.

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