Sen. Schumer calls for safer football helmets. Do you think more needs to be done?

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) is pushing legislation that he says would improve high school football helmet safety standards.

Schumer was at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse today to discuss the Children's Sports Athletic Equipment Safety Act.

The announcement comes on the heels of the death of Phoenix High School football player Ridge Barden. Barden died after a helmet-to-helmet collision in a game against Homer High School on October 14th.

Schumer called Barden's death a tragedy.

"It's our wakeup call that we have to make sure that our young football players are outfitted with the safest and best helmets around," he said.

The new bill would address four elements: concussion risk, design for youth helmets, standards for reconditioned helmets, and placement of visible warning labels. Schumer says there is bipartisan support and if it passed, companies would have nine months to make the necessary improvements.

Football players we spoke with at CBA agreed the plan is a good idea.

Senior Dan Predmore says he suffered a concussion at a game earlier this season and says anything that could improve safety is a good idea.

"Putting this sort of thing in place, I'm really happy for everybody coming up through the ranks because they're going to be safe and they're going to be able to play without worrying," says Predmore.

Do you think this new plan is a good idea? Does more need to be done to improve helmet safety? Post your comments below.