Senator Schumer at Nucor Steel in Auburn to fight for local steel companies

Senator Charles Schumer


t Auburn Diner, pancakes are always on the menu.

This staple in the community will be around for years to come.

Just down the street at Nucor Steel, Senator Charles Schumer says the future of this other Auburn staple isn't as clear.




s not just the 311 jobs, but it's the hundreds of more jobs that take the products that you make and employ a lot of people

," says Schumer.

Since 2010, imports of steel rebar from Turkey and Mexico have increased by almost 100 percent. They undercut the price of steel rebar produced at plants like this one in Auburn. That makes job security a concern for workers like Scott Tracy, especially if this recent trend continues.


ou think about the family, the children


the grandchildren



t would impact us so hard


I mean


it would be awful. We see it around us, we see it in the news, we see it in the newspapers. It's very devastating

," says Tracy.

Nucor is currently delaying a 7 million dollar investment into this plant, until they are certain of their long term future here in Auburn.

Maryemily Slate is the General Manager of the Auburn plant. "It's not just the Nucor plant. I'm talking across the nation that because of this dumping, they've had to layoff people," says Slate.

So now, Schumer is calling on the Department of Commerce to impose a duty on imports to offset cheaper prices set by foreign countries. This would allow for fair competition in the marketplace.

"It's so unfair that they can manufacture and produce and ship to our shores and we can't even compete with their price. We just want a level playing field," says Tracy.

Everyone packed in to listen to the Senator at Nucor, where he says he hopes his efforts pay off for the future and their jobs.