Seneca Co. man's statements allowed at murder trial

<font size="2">Karl Karlsen</font>

Prosecutors in the case of a New York man charged with killing his son to collect insurance will be allowed to use incriminating statements the man made to his wife and police.

A Seneca County judge Tuesday denied Karl Karlsen's request to keep the statements out of his second-degree murder trial, which begins later this month.

Karlsen's attorney, Lawrence Kasperek had argued that anything Karlsen said to his estranged wife, Cindy, at a restaurant last November was protected by spousal privilege. The lawyer argued that Karlsen's later statement to police was the result of more than nine hours of questioning while being denied his medication.

Karlsen denies killing his 23-year-old son, Levi, who died in 2008 when the truck he was working on fell on him.