Seneca County man charged with murdering his son

Karl H. Karlsen

An investigation by Seneca County Sheriffâ??s Deputies, along with New York State Police Violent Crime Investigation Unit, Seneca County D.A.â??s office and the Department of Financial Services ended in the arrest of Karl H. Karlsen, 52, of Romulus for 2nd degree murder.

Karlsen allegedly killed his son, Levi, in 2008.

Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenburg says that the incident happened on November 20, 2008, when Cindy Karlsen, wife of Karl Karlsen, called 911 because her son was trapped underneath a truck that he was working on in their barn.

The Karlsens said they had left to go to a family event and found their son trapped when they returned.

Deputies started investigating when they found out Karlsen had taken a sizable insurance policy out on his son just days before the incident.

The policy named Karlsen as the sole beneficiary.

Also, Deputies say the circumstances around the incident were suspicious, and, after investigating the scene, they believed the truck did not accidentally fall off the jack that was holding it up.

They said Karlsen pretended to find the body and told his wife to call 911.

â??To think that a father could cause a vehicle to fall off a jack crushing his son and then leave for four hours knowing all the time that his son was pinned under the truck apparently dead is unconscionable. Then, to put on an act for arriving first responders was part of a well-planned event staged by Karl Karlsenâ?? Deputy Stenberg said.

Additionally, Investigators are now looking into a fire that claimed the life of Karlsenâ??s first wife in California in 1991.

Stenberg credited the excellent team work and cooperation of his Deputies, Troopers and Investigators working on the case. â??This has been difficult on all the investigators working this case and I am proud of the professionalism they displayed in being Leviâ??s voice,â?? said Sheriff Stenberg.

Karlsen is being held in Seneca County Jail without bail as the investigation continues.