Seneca County Sheriff investigating mass dog killing

Investigators from the Seneca County Sheriff's Department spent the day interviewing Romulus dog breeder David Yoder about a USDA report saying he euthanized 93 sick dogs. A July report from the USDA says Yoder told inspectors he used a makeshift gas chamber that filled with carbon monoxide gas from a small farm engine.

Sheriff Jack Stenberg said his office has been both collaborating with the USDA and conducting a separate investigation.

"It's been sorted out now. There are definitely New York State agricultural laws that can be looked at, said Stenberg. There are possible violations that need to be looked at. Obviously, the USDA is looking at federal laws."

Yoder said the dogs had brucellosis, a bacterial disease that can spread quickly. The USDA's report on the incident says only a licensed veterinarian can euthanize dogs. The report also says using gas caused high levels of behavioral stress and discomfort to the dogs in the kennel.

The report also said David Yoder left the kennel while the gas was being piped in because he had a headache but the other dogs, including healthy ones were left with no way to escape.

Many Seneca County neighbors were outraged after hearing about the USDA report and said the incident deserved a full investigation.

"I think overall, everywhere, more inspection on private breeders, said Christine Andrews.

"He didn't need to do that, said Melissa Morganti. He didn't need to resort to locking them in a box and putting them to sleep with carbon monoxide. He would have gotten a lot of help if he was overwhelmed."

David Yoder refused to talk about the incident today and cited all the attention the incident has already received.