Seneca Falls will remain in conservation advisory overnight

Residents of the Town of Seneca Falls who were affected by a water main break will remain under a conservation advisory over Thursday night and into Friday.

Crews worked throughout Thursday to make repairs at the water treatment plant after a

water main break

made it more difficult for the plant to produce clear water. The conservation advisory is intended to reduce water use in the affected areas in order to avoid an "emergency situation." These affected customers are located in the Seneca Falls Water District, Cayuga Lake Water District and the Hamlet of Canoga.

The Seneca Falls Water Department says some customers might still be experiencing issues, such as cloudy or whitish-colored water. Customers should avoid using hot water if it is cloudy because drawing cloudy water into a water tank could prolong the issue. Residents who are using cold water should run it in one location until it becomes clear.

The town says it is continuing to make progress toward lifting restrictions and working to resolve the cloudy water issues.