Senior Ball Makeover a life-changer for 10 local high school seniors

For local high school students like Solvay High senior Samantha Nagen, the Senior Ball Makeover Challenge has been a life changer. "I think being a teenage girl, it's hard to gain confidence a lot these days with TV and stuff and I gained the confidence I needed from this program," she says.

Last fall Aspen Athletic Club handpicked ten high school seniors from local high schools to participate in a fitness program they called the "Senior Ball Makeover Challenge." The students, who work out together two days a week, had different reasons for joining the challenge.

Chittenango High School senior Analyse Cerio, has struggled to overcome injuries from a serious car accident, she says the program helped her lose seventeen pounds and learn a lot about herself in the process.

"I've had a lot to overcome throughout the years and a lot of challenges placed in my way but this program has definitely made me stronger," she says.

Getting stronger is exactly what Jameel Husam wanted when he started the Makeover Challenge, and the Fowler High School senior did just that, gaining ten pounds of muscle in just six months. "Every time I go to the gym I set a goal. Once I start working out I try to beat that goal," he says.

Aspen Athletic Club trainer Sabrina Johnson hopes the fitness habits these high school seniors gained during the program will stay with them when they head off to college.

"As we all know, starting college is stressful people fall into unhealthy habits," she says.

The senior ball makeover challenge ends June 30th.

Those who complete the training will be rewarded with great prizes to be used toward their senior ball.

Bliss Bridal and Formal wear will provide 50% off prom gowns. Giovanni's is providing tuxedo rentals, and Markowitz Florist and Alfa Bar and Dining Room are also providing prizes for the students.