Sentencing delayed for man who left cousin to die in Clay crash

Glenwood Carr, Sr.

It will be at least a week and a half before a Baldwinsville man learns his punishment for killing his relative in a drunk driving crash last summer.

Because the daughter of the victim, 40-year old Steven Sears, did not show up in court this morning, the judge rescheduled sentencing for March 24th.

In January, Glenwood Carr, Sr. pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter in the crash that killed his cousin, Sears. Carr Sr. is accused of driving drunk when he crashed into a telephone pole last August.

He hid for two days before turning himself in to police.

Earlier this month, Carr's son, Glenwood Carr, Jr., was one of three teens arrested and accused in the death of an Oswego County man, 46-year-old Anthony Miller.

Investigators say Carr Jr. and his friends 17-year-old Mike Celi and 19-year-old Zachary Scott went to Miller's trailer in Granby to steal money and marijuana.

Police say Celi told them in an interview that a fight broke out involving a hammer and a knife. Investigators say Celi said he hit Miller with a hammer.

According to police depositions, Celi said Miller ran into the knife while he had it in his hand. Celi told police the knife slipped out of his hand and went into Miller's chest.

Miller was later found by one of his friends; he died from the wounds.