Serial sex offender lied on application to get Syracuse DPW job

Mark Carrigan

Mark Carrigan has been described by Syracuse Police as 'the most prolific sex offender' in the city's history. Now, through the Freedom of Information Law, CNY Central has revealed his application for employment with the City of Syracuse.

In 2009, Carrigan filled out a standard application form as he applied for a sanitation job in the Department of Public Works. He was asked twice if he had ever been convicted of a crime, either a felony of a misdemeanor. In one instance he left the question blank, in the other he lied by checking the "no" box.

Carrigan's application is dated June 10, 2009. At that time he was already a level three sex offender. Carrigan had been victimizing young males since 1988, police say.

At the time he applied for a Syracuse City job, he'd been arrested at least 16 times. Of those charges, 16 were felonies and 22 were misdemeanors along with two other charges. Out of 16 felonies, three resulted in convictions. Of the 22 misdemeanor charges, 12 resulted in convictions.

In 2012, when Carrigan was fired from his DPW job because he had been arrested again for having oral sex with a 15 year-old boy, the city announced that it would not change its policy on background checks. The mayor has since reiterated that the city's policy is to conduct a background check on people who are applying for jobs where they are most likely to come into contact with children, including police, fire, airport and city parks jobs. However, DPW workers are not subject to such checks.

Carrigan's employment application does raise questions about whether anyone who was in a position to hire him knew anything about his long criminal past. Since he did not disclose it on the application, did he tell someone? Did he keep it a secret? Was it overlooked? We are checking with City Hall to see if we can get any answers to those questions.

View Carrigan's application.