'Serious' bullying addressed at LaFayette school board meeting

LaFayette meeting

Parents in the LaFayette School District are speaking out after a â??seriousâ?? bullying incident that happened at the high school last week.

LaFayette Superintendent Peter Tigh says that several students have been disciplined, including suspensions.

A boy was allegedly attacked in the locker room before a lacrosse practice on June 4 by two boys. The boy was reportedly choked, punched in the groin and prodded with a lacrosse stick.

Parents came in voicing their concerns at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

Mark Young is a parent in the school district. "The fact that these young gentlemen were even allowed to return back to school is ludicrous. It's ridiculous. They should have been expelled," says Young.

After members from the modified lacrosse team pinned down another teammate choking him until he turned purple.

Many parents here at this meeting say this is only a highlight of the bullying problem in their district.

Many parents here at this board meeting are coming to address the larger issue of bullying as a whole in LaFayette. Alicia Palmer and Melanie Bognaski say their children will come home telling them they were bullied, yet they say they get no response from the district.

"Zero response from 'the principal,' my daughter ended up in the guidance office with suicidal thoughts," says Bognaski.

"My son all year long has gone through issues in school. I contact the school and I get no response, I get no repercussions," says Palmer.

"Come to the board and tell us what's going on. This is the first I've seen them and I'm very happy they came," says School Board President Tom Scofield.

After seeing this turnout, the school board is starting a committee, including anyone interested from the community to help them find a solution to this problem.

"It appears that we have a lot of work to do here in LaFayette to improve the environment of our students," says Scofield.

Patty Hartnett was out with dozens of other parents. "I thought it was absolutely ludicrous. There's no reason to have a committee when we have principals, a superintendent and an entire school board that is supposed to be enforcing these policies that are already written," says Hartnett.

Even with action from the school board, many in the district are still thinking of changing schools.

Ann Schaefer is considering taking her daughter out of the LaFayette Junior - Senior High School. "There is a very strong possibility that my daughter will not be attending this high school in September," says Schaefer.

Other parents want to see a change in leadership in the district, including the principal of the Junior-Senior High School and the Superintendent.

State Police are currently investigating the incident.