"Serve it to Cancer" volleyball tournament raises money for breast cancer

Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer Volleyball Tournament at the Rain Lounge

Ann Marie Otis founded Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Each month she holds a different and unique fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

Wednesday night Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer held the "Serve It To Cancer" volleyball tournament at the Rain Lounge in Syracuse.

"When I was diagnosed, I wasn't just going to sit around and let it just keep happening," Otis said. "I think eventually we'll have a cure but my goal right now is to help people in our community."

Her goal is to raise money to help other cancer patients through her charity organization. Part of the proceeds from fundraisers like "Serve it To Cancer" go to Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer's ongoing "Bravery Bags" project.

With the "Bravery Bags" project, Otis says little bags are filled with water bottles, pillows and other little things to help lift the spirits of cancer patients.

She's raised thousands of dollars since creating Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer last year. Wednesday night the volleyball tournament raised $405, bringing her total to $28,000. Otis says she's sent the money raised to Stand Up To Cancer, Duke Hospital, Cancer Connects, a local group here in Syracuse, and other breast cancer organizations.