Seventh Syracuse corner store told to fix violations

The city put signs on six different storefronts on Tuesday, saying they were unfit for occupancy. / Quindell Williams

A seventh corner store has been given a stern warning from the City of Syracuse as a city-wide crackdown on health and safety violations continues.

Johnny 5's, on Park Street, now has 24 hours to get up to code or shutter its doors.

A surprise inspection conducted by Syracuse Police, Fire, Code Enforcement, and city representatives revealed broken sprinkler and sewer systems, blocked exits and a faulty fire alarm system. Johnny 5's was also ticketed for failure to ground its electrical service.

Johnny 5's joins a list of six other corner convenience stores that were ordered to close up shop after inspectors found a slew of health and safety hazards, including electrical issues, expired sprinkler systems, sewage backup and more.

One store, The Delaware Market on South Geddes Street, was shut down immediately after failing inspection Tuesday morning. Inspectors deemed it an emergency safety concern when they found gas and sewage leaking in the basement.

Inspectors say three other city convenience stores, also subject to surprise inspections, were up to par. 9 Eleven Grocery on the 1200 block of Lodi Street, Kleen Foods on Catherine Street, and the All American Market on Pond Street all passed inspection.

The city of Syracuse, police and fire departments carried out the surprise inspections based on neighborhood complaints.

"We will continue to bring city and county resources to bear to assure corner stores operate in compliance with all safety and health regulations," says Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. "Store owners who run clean operations will have nothing to fear going forward. For those who don't, the city will look to shut down their operations until they bring those stores up to common sense safety and health standards."

Mayor Miner announced the results of the inspections Tuesday. In a press conference, representatives from neighborhood groups were appreciative of the initiative, even clapping after she made her statement.