Several popular area eateries pass and fail weekly inspections

Several Onondaga County restaurants and eateries received satisfactory health inspections, while others failed inspection for the week of August 3-9.

Beer Belly Deli & Pub, 510 Westcott Street, Syracuse

-Potentially hazardous food items in walk-in cooler noted between 52°F-55°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Walk-in cooler not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F.

-Single service plastic ware not stored inverted.

-Walk-in cooler lacks accurate thermometer (corrected).

-Interior of ice machine not clean.

-Shelving in walk-in cooler and three bay sink at bar not clean.

-Floors under shelving in walk-in cooler not clean.

Brueggerâ??s Bagel Bakery, 112 East Seneca Street, Manlius

-Mold noted on container of strawberries in walk-in cooler (voluntarily discarded).

-Eggs, sausage and soup in hot holding unit noted between 112°F-122°F (corrected).

-Hot holding unit not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or above 140°F (corrected).

-Lower cupboards under coffee, lower shelving at service line and fan guards in both large reach-in coolers not clean.

-Hand wash sink in rear area lacks paper towels. Hand wash sink at service counter not clean, noted heavily stained with coffee.

-Wall by service line, floor edges and floors under and around equipment at service counter not clean.

-Ceiling vents in dining room and exhaust hoods above bagel pot not clean.

Dennyâ??s, 5300 West Genesee Street, Camillus

-Mold noted on grape tomatoes (voluntarily discarded). Whole shell eggs at omelet station noted cracked (voluntarily discarded).

-Ready-to-eat biscuits stored next to raw salmon in reach-in cooler (corrected).

-Manager observed removing moldy tomato from pan of grape tomatoes in preparation top cooler without wearing gloves, bare hand contact noted (voluntarily discarded tomatoes).

-Prime rib in lower preparation cooler noted at 54°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Gaskets on multiple reach-in coolers noted in poor repair.

-Gaskets on multiple reach-in coolers and kitchen equipment in preparation area and in fry area not clean.

Dominickâ??s Restaurant, 1370 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse

-Raw haddock stored in preparation top cooler noted between 51°F-54°F (corrected).

-Poly cutting board at raw fish station noted in poor repair.

-Some wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizing solution between uses. Several dry wiping cloths not clean.

-Food thermometer and case not clean.

Jreck Subs, Dog Agility Trials, Cicero

-Salt potatoes noted between 115°F-120°F (corrected). Deli style turkey sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches and ham sandwiches noted between 58°F-64°F (corrected). Pasta salad with meat noted at 58°F (corrected).

-Adequate cold holding not available to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous food at or below 45°F.

-Wrapped sandwiches, cheese and deli meat stored in un-drained ice (corrected). Cases of bottled soda and water stored on ground (corrected).

Muddy Maryâ??s Gourmet Inc., Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival

-Employee observed scooping ice without the use of sanitary gloves, no bare hand contact noted (corrected).

-Single service gloves not available to prevent bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods (corrected).

-Hand wash station not available (corrected).

Saltine Warrior, 214 West Water Street, Syracuse

-Fruit flies noted inside one bottle of liquor (voluntarily discarded). Mold noted on exterior and interior of box storing raisins in walk-in cooler (voluntarily discarded).

-Container of peanuts stored in basement not stored protected/covered.

-Evidence of employee beverage consumption noted in food preparation area.

-Interior of ice bins at bar, interior of popcorn machine and popcorn scoop not clean.

-Exterior bottom, fan guards, interior doors and gaskets and shelving in two-door cooler at cook line not clean. Shelving at cook line not clean.

-Flies noted in establishment. Fruit flies noted in ice bins at bar.

-Doors noted opened and not screened, allowing for the possible entrance of insects and/or rodents (corrected).

-Floor edges at cook line and at bar not clean.

Shiftyâ??s , 1401 Burnet Avenue, Syracuse

-Raw beef patties stored next to hot dogs and cooked chicken wings in reach-in cooler (corrected).

-Cooked chicken wings stored at room temperature in preparation areas noted between 95°F-117°F (corrected).

-Several coolers lack accessible thermometers.

-Poly cutting boards noted in poor repair.

-Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.

-Interiors of all coolers, meat slicer, interior of ice machine, French fry cutter, knife rack on side of preparation cooler and interior of microwave oven all not clean.

-All wire racks, all shelving, exterior of all preparation coolers, all preparation cooler door gaskets and exterior and control surfaces of most cook line equipment all not clean.

-Mouse droppings noted on floors and shelving in dry storage area and in liquor storage area.

-Rear kitchen door noted opened and not screened, allowing for the possible entrance of insects and/or rodents.

-All walls in kitchen not clean. Floor under bar not clean. All floor areas in kitchen including under equipment not clean.

-Ventilation hood filters, ansul lines and some light shields not clean. Some lights in kitchen lack end caps.

Trappers, 1140 Morgan Road, Lysander

-Mold noted on several containers of food in reach-in double-door cooler (voluntarily discarded).

-Several spray bottles of chemicals stored with single service beverages on rack (corrected).

- Walk-in beer cooler not equipped with safety latch.

-Interior top, sides and back of ice machine not clean, mold noted.

-Fan guards in walk-in beer cooler not clean.

-Interior of three bay sink and sink in womenâ??s toilet room not clean.

-Hand wash sink in kitchen lacks paper towels.

-Unnecessary items noted in kitchen and in downstairs area.

Villas Summerfield, 100 Summerfield Village Lane, Town of Onondaga

Blue cheese, ranch and Caesar dressings stored in reach-in cooler noted between 54°F-55°F (voluntarily discarded). White and chocolate milk stored in small reach-in cooler noted between 50°F-54°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Chicken soup stored at room temperature on stove top noted at 92°F (voluntarily discarded).

-Large reach-in cooler and small reach-in cooler not operating properly to maintain temperature of potentially hazardous foods at or below 45°F.

-Lasagna stored on stove top noted at 131°F (corrected).

-Case of take-out containers and case of napkins stored on floor (corrected).

-Gaskets on reach-in cooler noted in poor repair.

-Exterior of grill top, shelving, interior drawer at bake station and fan in preparation area all not clean.

-Floor edges throughout kitchen and floors under shelving in dry storage areas and in walk-in freezer all not clean.

Here is a list of area restaurants and eateries with satisfactory inspections:

-A Taste of Philadelphia 2533 James Street Syracuse

-Fayetteville Senior Center 584 East Genesee Street Fayetteville

-Friendly's #7443 3275 Erie Boulevard East Dewitt

-Higie's Iron Horse Saloon 2721 Brewerton Road Mattydale

-Hinerwadel's 5300 West Taft Road North Syracuse

-Hinsdale Volunteer Fire Department 113 Malden Road Mattydale

-Iona Corners Tavern PO Box 45 - Route 173 & Bennetts Corners Rd Memphis

-Jordan Memorial Pool PO Box 561- Brutus Road Jordan

-Joseph F. William Memorial Park Recreation Buildin PO Box 1517 - Lakeshore Road Cicero

-JP's Pub 1709 Burnet Avenue Syracuse

-Live 2 Bounce 5885 East Circle Drive Cicero

-Liverpool is the Place - Johnson Park Concerts Oswego Street at Vine Street Liverpool

-Love Life Smoothie and Juice Bar 130 Maywood Drive Syracuse

-Malden Road United Church of Christ 108 Malden Road Mattydale

-No. 1 Kitchen 119 West Seneca Street Manlius

-Optigolf 9825 Destiny USA Drive Syracuse

-P.E.A.C.E., Inc.'s Southside Family Resource Cente 136 West Castle Street Syracuse

-Panera Bread #1107 Dewitt Commons - 3409 Erie Boulevard East Dewitt

-Pizza Man of Liverpool 7607 Oswego Road Liverpool

-Red Hot Catering 5151 Munro Road Camillus

-Shattuck's Paddy Wagon 207 West Manlius Street East Syracuse

-Skaneateles Country Club PO Box 29 - West Lake Road Skaneateles

-Subway 7915 State Route 298 Bridgeport

-Taco Bell #4190 3179 Erie Boulevard East Syracuse

-Top Dog Vending 20 Brooks Place Baldwinsville

Here are the weekly abates:

-Burger King Restaurant #476 955 West Genesee Street Syracuse

-Camillus Elks #2367 PO Box 396 - 6117 Newport Road

-Jamaican Flavor & Market 309 Pond Street Syracuse

-Lin Li's Chinese Restaurant 5501 Bartell Road, #2 Brewerton

-Little Caesars Pizza 4018 South Salina Street Syracuse

-Little Caesars Pizza 5501 Bartell Road, Unit #1 Brewerton

-New Ling Ling Chinese Buffet 604 South Main Street North Syracuse

-Playland Amusements Mobile Unit #8 (Funnel Cakes)