Severely emaciated and injured dog found in Town of Homer has SPCA asking for help

A stray dog call in the Town of Homer on February 18 has the Cortland Community SPCA asking for the publicâ??s help in finding the owner of the dog. They are not treating this as an abuse case yet and are trying to determine if he could have gotten hurt after running away from his owner by mistake.

The Town of Homer dog control officer responded to a stray dog call on Monday, February 18 on Parks Road in the Town of Homer in Cortland County.

The dog was found to be extremely emaciated and also with a severe gash on one of his hind legs.

The Cortland Community SPCA says that the leg will need to be amputated because of the wound, but the surgery will need to wait at least a week until the animal is in better health.

"If you ever find a dog in that condition, your first reaction is to give them a huge bowl of food because they're starving - and that can lead to bloat. It's not best," said Lindsay Andersen from Country Acres Animal Shelter in Homer. "So he gets six really small meals a day."

The dog, nicknamed â??Champâ?? is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix that is about 2 years old.

Champ is currently being cared for by the Country Acres Animal Shelter at 5852 West Scott Road, Homer, NY, and any donations towards Champâ??s care can be sent directly through their website.

"He is always excited to see us. So considering what he's been through, I want to say that him showing up at their house was kind of his last plea. That's kind of what you want to believe," said Andersen.

The Cortland Community SPCA is assisting in the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding Champâ??s owner or information on how he was injured are asked to call the Cortland Community SPCA Law Enforcement Department at (607) 753-9386.