Sex offender accused of dumping boiling water on another man twice

Ronald Fuentes / photo courtesy Utica PD

Utica Police say a convicted sex offender who is on parole got into a fight with a man and poured two pots of boiling water on him.

Police say Ronald Fuentes, 26, and the victim got into an argument last Thursday while at the victim's home on Dudley Avenue. According to officers, the victim got into a fight with his female roommate over household bills. The female roommate is the girlfriend of Fuentes.

Officers say a fight broke out, and Fuentes took a pot from the stove and poured it on the man. When the victim fell down, they say Fuentes poured a second pot.

The victim suffered second and third degree burns on his back and abdomen. He is being treated at Upstate University Hospital.

Utica police say they're taking the crime extremely seriously.

"Essentially anything can be used as a dangerous instrument depending on how it's used," says Utica police Sgt. Steve Hauck. "Household items can be just as dangerous as a gun or a knife."

Fuentes has been arraigned on assault charges. He was taken to the Oneida County Jail.