Sex scandal at SU becomes more sordid, Bobby Davis' affidavit released

Gloria Allred, who is representing accusers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang in a defamation lawsuit against head coach Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University, filed an affidavit with the New York State Supreme Court on Monday.

Bobby Davis' affidavit was made available to the public on Tuesday afternoon. (Read the full affidavit. We want to warn you, there is some graphic content).

In the affidavit, Bobby Davis describes Laurie Fine's relationship and alleged sexual activity with a number of players from the Syracuse Basketball team.

Davis said in his affidavit that, â??In particular, I know about Laurie Fineâ??s sexual relationships with at least two players and believe I also know the identity of a third player. For example, in 1993, I went with Laurie Fine and a former basketball team player to a house where several undergraduates were living, including a then-current basketball player (â??Player 1â??). I watched Laurie Fine go into Player 1â??s bedroom and then later saw Player 1 come out fist-pumping the air and bragging about how he had just had sex with Laurie."

In his affidavit, Davis says, â??On another occasion, in 1996, during the Final Four, I was present in a hotel room with Laurie Fine and heard her calling a team member (â??Player 2â??) and talking to him in a manner that made clear that they were in a relationship.â??

Davis, in the affidavit, says, â??In 1996 and/or 1997, I was asked by Laurie Fine on a number of occasions to drive her to the Skytop Apartments, a complex of apartments that Syracuse University uses to provide housing to students, many if not all of whom are athletes. On many occasions, Laurie Fine would meet another assistant coachâ??s wife (â??Wife 2â??) at Skytop.â??

In response to request for a statement from Syracuse University, before the affidavit was released, Vice President for Public Affairs, Kevin Quinn, said, â??My comment is that we will respond to the plaintiffs' lawsuit and their various allegations at the appropriate time.â??

Before the affidavit was released, Gloria Allred said in a written statement, that, â??This is a very important new affadavit filed yesterday. If Laurie Fine was having multiple sexual relationships with basketball players then the University must explain how this could have been taking place for years right under Coach Boeheim's nose without his being aware of it and without the University 's doing anything about it.â??

Contacted by phone before the affidavit was released, Laurie Fine told CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon, â??I have no comment, Jim.â??

Laurie Fineâ??s attorney, in a written statement, told CNYCentralâ??s Jim Kenyon that, â??Only the news media can think that 20 year old hearsay is newsworthy if it is salacious enough. This is both desperate and disgusting, an example of an irresponsible and unprofessional lawyer flailing about to keep a dying lawsuit in the public eye. Apart from that, we have no comment.â??

Key dates for Davis and Lang lawsuit against Syracuse University and coach Jim Boeheim. New York County Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh has ordered attorneys for both sides appear in a Manhattan court on February 10th at 10:00 a.m. He is calling for oral arguments on discovery issues. The plaintiffs are due to respond to the request to change venue to Onondaga County on February 14th. A hearing is scheduled on change of venue in Syracuse in Onondaga County Supreme Court on February 21st.

Attorneys for Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University have set a deadline in this case. They have filed a Motion to Dismiss the case in New York County Supreme Court which is scheduled to be heard on March 14th in Manhattan.

Bernie Fine was fired from SU in November after an audio tape recording between Bobby Davis and Laurie Fine was released by ESPN. In it, Laurie Fine is heard telling Davis she feared her husband was molesting Davis, but felt powerless to stop it.

Fine has denied the sex abuse allegations against the former SU ball boys, calling them "patently false."