Sexual humiliation of pledges gets Cornell fraternity disbanded

The Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity at Cornell University is no longer recognized after two pledges were hospitalized in a "mentally scarring" and "sexually humiliating" hazing incident. The school said it has revoked its recognition of Tau Epsilon Phi for at least four years.

The Cornell Daily Sun newspaper reports the men were hospitalized after an alcohol-related hazing incident in October.

The University confirmed Wednesday evening the pledges were placed in "really humiliating, sexually humiliating kinds of activities."

In October 2012, CNYcentral reported another defunct fraternity chapter at Cornell was fined $12,000 for the hazing and alcohol poisoning death of a student from New York City. Police say George Desdunes was tied up and forced to drink alcohol in a mock kidnapping.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)