Shamrock Animal Fund helps Blackie the cat

Blackie the cat as she is helped by the Shamrock Animal Fund. / Photograph by Matt Mulcahy.

The Halloween season is the perfect time to tell the latest success story for the Shamrock Animal Fund as the most recent recipient is a black cat. Blackie's owner Cindy Mark reached out to Jamie Pomilio-Mulcahy and Matt Mulcahy's Shamrock Animal Fund when her kitten stopped eating, stopped moving her bowels and had a seizure.

Cindy lives in Elbridge. During the week of October 11th Mark did not know where to turn for help. Her night job at Welch-Allyn doesn't pay enough to have extra money to care for Blackie after paying her rent and caring for her daughter and herself. "I'm a single mom my finances are tight," said Cindy. "I've heard of the Shamrock Fund from listening to you on t.v." The Shamrock Animal Fund connected Cindy with the Fairmount Animal Hospital which was willing to see the cat and accommodate Cindy's financial needs.

Dr. Erin Corrigan examined Blackie on October 15th and discovered the kitten had a host of kitten health problems including ear mites, fleas and parasitic worms. Dr. Corrigan provided flea medication without cost to Mark. She was cautiously optimistic that the treatments were getting done on time. "I hope that we are not too far beyond where we need to be." Dr. Corrigan added, "The smaller the patient the more susceptible to the conquering type of parasites."

The veterinarian was relieved that Blackie was there getting examined. She stresses the importance of proper care for pets. "The sooner we catch this problem the better. Obviously prevention is our best defense," said Dr. Corrigan.

The Shamrock Animal Fund works on the premise of a triangle of responsibility. The veterinarians offer some financial break, the owner pays some of the cost and the Shamrock Animal Fund helps pay the bill. That is how Blackie received this important care. Cindy Mark appreciated the assistance, "I didn't know who else to call who to turn to. When Jamie called back it was a blessing. She really helped find these people." Two weeks after the exam and treatment Cindy reports Blackie is doing much better and has renewed energy.

The Shamrock Animal Fund acceptsdonations year round. You can click here for details on where you can send contributions. Planning for Shamrock's Celebration 2011 is underway scheduled to take place in mid-March.